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1850 - California ceases to belong to Spain and becomes a US territory.

1857 - Speke discovers Victoria Falls.

1867 - Alaska goes from being Russian to American.

1869 - Lessepps completes the Suez Canal.

1878 - Independence of Serbia, Montenegro and Romania.

1883 - Bolivia loses access to the sea for the benefit of Chile.

1885 - The free state of the Congo is established.

1888 - Samuel Teleki discovers Lake Rodolfo (Turkana).

1890 - Indian territories appear in the state of Oklahoma (USA).

1898 - Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines cease to be Spanish territory.

1903 - Panama becomes independent from Colombia.

1905 - End of the Sweden-Norway union.

1907 - Disappearance of the Indian territories of Oklahoma.

1908 - The free state of the Congo becomes Belgian Congo.

1912 - Arizona and New Mexico become part of the United States.

1913 - The Turkish Empire ceases to exist.

1918 - The Austro-Hungarian Empire disappears due to the Treaty of Versailles.

1920 - Independence of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

1922 - The Russian Empire disappears and the Soviet Union is born.

1924 - Petrograd becomes Leningrad and Christiania, Oslo.

1930 - Constantinople is renamed Istanbul.

1931 - Manchuria becomes Japanese and is called Manchukuo.

1933 - Hitler rises to power and denounces the Treaty of Versailles, his African possessions reappear on German balloons.

1935 - Persia is renamed Iran. Independence of Iraq.

1940 - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia become part of the USSR.

1945 - Manchuria becomes Chinese territory again.

1947 - Independence of India and Pakistan.

1948 - Creation of the state of Israel.

1949 - Korea is divided into north and south.

1954 - Indochina becomes Laos Vietnam and Cambodia.

1958 - 1961 - Egypt and Syria unite in the Arab Republic (UAR)

1960 - The Belgian Congo becomes the Republic of the Congo.

1963 - Independence of Kenya.

1964 - Independence of Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania.

1968 - Independence of Equatorial Guinea.

1971 - The Republic of the Congo is renamed Zaire.

1975 - End of the Spanish colonization in Western Sahara.

1976 - End of the Vietnam War and unification of the country.

1984 - Upper Volta becomes Burkina Fasso.

1986 - Ivory Coast is officially called Côte d'Ivoire.

1990 - Reunification of Germany.

1991 - The USSR dissolves.

To date any other type of globe, they should refer to the criteria of an expert.

* * *

The vast majority of globes that can be obtained in the antique market were produced from the second half of the s. XIX. Regardless of the general appearance of the globe, the style of the foot and the materials with which it is constructed give us clues as to its age, a political globe can be dated quite accurately based on the historical information it shows (we naturally expect that these are globes vintage originals, not replicas).

Naturally, the production date will always be after the date that indicates a certain historical milestone that is indicated on the globe, and before the one that does not appear.

As a reference, we indicate below a series of historical events with their corresponding dates:

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